Sunday, April 29, 2018

New Release Eminent Domain

Finally a new release for Tessa.

Eminent Domain is a story set along the Eastern Shore of Virginia.

When two brothers are sent to the opposite coasts, each man must decide between the dream of a lifetime, a chance to run the company, stepping out from their father's shadow or living their own lives.

Asa Kingston journey to the Eastern Shore of Virginia is what he considers a fool's errand. In an attempt to take over the company from his estranged brother, he is required to purchase the property known as Pinnacle Point. The owner, an elderly woman, should be easy to manipulate but he didn't count on running in to her beautifully brilliant granddaughter, Mallory.

Pinnacle Point is the only home Mallory Bennett has ever known. When Asa Kingston comes to Bay 
 View to wrangle a deal with her grandmother, she sets out to make him uncomfortable. Little does she know, her grandmother has her eyes on Mr. Kingston for other reasons. When sparks fly between them, Grandmother knows she's right. But getting Asa to see the Eastern Shore for its true value will take all the skill her granddaughter possesses and more. Will greed win or will love save the day when it comes to right of Eminent Domain?
 One last scheme pits the brother against brother for a final test - the winner will become the next owner of Midas Development.

  He came to claim her land. Instead, she stole his heart

You can read more on Amazon using the link below. 

Friday, January 20, 2017

Re release of Incident At Cold Creek

I am thrilled today to be releasing my story Incident At Cold Creek, the first in a four book series about the Texas Rangers set in the fictional town of Whiskey Drum Creek.

The men of Ranger Company D consist of: Major Joshua Reynolds, Captain Tyrone Calhoun Dixon, Sergeant Joaquin Balboa De Montanna, and Private Lance Reese. These men are unwittingly pitted against a madman and with each tale, his madness will grow.  They must rely on their quick thinking and skill to stay alive.

So, you might wonder how I came up with these ideas. A student of history, I became intrigued with the Texas fight for Independence. In looking over Maximilian I take over of Mexico, I grasped several facts that could work for a historical, romantic suspense or a grand epic tale.

The first involves Napoleon III, who came up with the idea he called, "Grand Scheme of the Americas". You have to love a man who uses the word - scheme for plan. He began by recognizing the Confederate States of America. Well, we know that wasn't going to work out.

Second, he planned on reintroducing the monarchy to Mexico by placing a Habsburg German Prince on the throne. Enter  Ferdinand Maximilian Joseph, Prince Imperial, Archduke of Austria and Prince Royal of Hungary and Bohemia, He was the second son of Archduke Franz Karl of Austria and brother to the Emperor Fraz Joseph of Austria. Aren't you glad they reduced all that to Maximilian I?

Third, he planned to control Mexico and create a buffer state from the Rio Grande to the California Baja.

Imagine, involving most of Europe in a scheme to let America divide itself then slowly chip away at its border.

It didn't take much of a stretch of my imagination to come up with both my heroes and the mad French officer who refuses to put down the quest for power.

Here's the blurb for Incident At Cold Creek  Book 1 of the Texas Conspiracy.

Lilly Prentiss must come to grips with her husband’s untimely death and the harsh reality of his many secrets. When a handsome drifter rides in with the promise of helping out, she accepts his offer, even if she doesn’t believe he’s telling the truth. A cut of the cards with a gambler who holds the deed to her ranch seals her fate. She has no choice but to play the hand she’s been dealt, even if it costs her life. 

Texas Ranger Tyrone Dixon is on the trail of the prime suspect in the killing of a judge. When the trail leads to a rundown ranch in Cold Creek, he finds the man’s wife bathing his body for burial. As Ty pitches in to help get her ranch running again, he finds his badge can’t shield his heart when it comes to the Incident at Cold Creek.

To read more, please use this link:

Sunday, February 28, 2016

New Contract

Huzzah, I've just signed a new contract with The Wild Rose Press for a western historical. Excited because this story will be about Texas Ranger's my favorites. I'll be giving more information as I get it. Looking forward to a new release late this year.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Road to Glory

Rodeo is the place to find love. Whether its a couple in the stands or in competition. Join me with the release of Road to Glory on August 12, 2015. I will welcome Glory Beebee and Travis Hargrove to my pages. Here's a blurb of the story.

Glory Beebe intends to fulfill her deceased father’s dream of breeding bulls for the rodeo. When her foreman offers her ranch as a refuge for a rodeo rider broken in body and spirit, she must pull her own broken and betrayed heart together and do her best to accommodate a man who was a hero in her eyes. Once bitten twice shy, it won't be easy.

Still limping, and haunted by being trampled, champion bull rider, Travis Hargrove fears he's lost his courage, yet he's determined to win back his place in the competition. When the rodeo instead offers him the job of outside stock contractor, Travis hesitates. Being near a woman with spunk and the bluest eyes he’s ever seen is not what he needs. But it might be enough to get him back on the road to Glory.

A scarred hero. A man-shy heroine. Can the fulfillment of a dream save them both?

Road to Glory is now released for Pre Order on Amazon.

Use the link below and get your copy.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Welcome Catherine Peace

Like rock and roll? Well, I've got just the author for you. Come meet the characters from Catherine Peace's fantastic release Complete me. Now, here's Catherine....

With all the music posts I’ve written, I discovered that I’ve left out my favorite ladies of rock! I know, awful. I have a long list of women who rock my world, so let’s hop to it. Maybe you’ll find some new bands to love and adore.

First up is Pink. She’s an amazing performer and just all around full of awesome.

Next? Halestorm. Lzzy Hale has by far and away one of the absolute most amazing voices I have ever heard. She is my generation’s Joan Jett. Yeah. I said it. Well…typed it.

No list of ladies who rock would be complete without Heart. The Sisters Wilson are beyond amazing.

And here’s my curveball. Epica. I discovered them by accident, but I adore them nonetheless. Simone Simons have the voice of an angel. Epica is an operatic metal band. I know. Just go with it.

There you have it. Cate’s list of top ladies of rock. Feel free to add yours in the comments!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Welcome Zee Monodee

Let me welcome author Zee Monodee to my blog today.

Zee writes stories about love, life, relationships... in a melting-pot of culture.

Zee is an author who grew up on a fence – on one side there was modernity and the global world, on the other there was culture and traditions. Putting up with the culture for half of her life, one day she decided she'd stand tall on her wall and dip toes every now and then into both sides of her non-conventional upbringing.

From this resolution spanned a world of adaptation and learning to live on said wall. The realization also came that many other young women of the world were on their own fence. This particular position became her favourite when she decided to pursue her lifelong dream of writing – her heroines all sit 'on a fence', whether cultural or societal, in today's world or in times past, and face dilemmas about life and love.

Hailing from the multicultural island of Mauritius, Zee is a degree holder in Communications Science. She is a head-over-heels wife, in-over-her-head mum to a tween son, best-buddy-stepmum to a teenage lad, an incompetent domestic goddess, eternal dreamer, and an absolute, shameless bookholic. When she isn’t penning more stories and/or managing the Ubuntu line at Decadent Publishing, you can bet you’ll find her with her nose in her tablet, ‘drinking in’ a good book.

So welcome, Zee!

Her newest release Light My World is the second book in the Island Girls Trilogy for Ubuntu line at Decadent Publishing. Ubuntu is geared to African Romance. This delightful book slides toward Romantic Comedy with a touch of Bollywood an New Adult. It was released April 8, 2014. The heat level is sensual. Let's take a peek at the blurb.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that to find a prince, a girl has to kiss a few frogs along the way. But what happens when a modern-day princess comes across…an ogre?

So what if a girl has to kiss a few frogs to find her prince?

Tired of her Indian-origin mother’s relentless matchmaking, Diya Hemant is determined to find her Prince Charming on her terms. Armed with a definitive list of requirements, she is sure she’ll know her man when she meets him…

But looking and finding are two different things, especially on the tiny island of Mauritius…

When her path crosses surly British widower Trent Garrison’s, it’s hate at first sight. And though fate keeps pitting her against him, she’s certain he can’t be turned into a frog let alone a prince.
Can this modern-day princess overcome her own expectations and see beyond the ogre to the man beneath?

read an excerpt here...

He heard more than felt the car hit the back of the SUV, which had halted in a screech of tyres. The smell of burnt rubber filled his nostrils when the calm came back. He expected the airbag to blow from the wheel, but none released.
Better and better. The car wasn’t only tiny, it didn’t even have an airbag.
A wave of concern washed over him. He wasn’t hurt. At least, he didn’t feel any pain. But what about the other driver?
However, as he stepped out of the car, the worry drained away as another, stronger emotion settled in. Anger.
What sort of inconsiderate driver stopped like that in the middle of a main road?
The bloke should be tagged as a public danger. To top it all, he was going to be late to see his children.

Bloody hell!

His tall height allowed him to peer into the vehicle without much difficulty. He swept his gaze over the top half of the interior, and puzzlement replaced his fury. The car couldn’t be empty. Where was the driver? When had he had the time to get out of the vehicle?
Walking around to the front of the hood, Trent stopped in his tracks.
The body of an unconscious—or worse, dead—dog lay sprawled on the street. Sunlight glinted off its shiny, metal-studded collar. Must’ve been the reason behind the streak of light that had blinded him and the other driver, too, probably.

As he ran a hand in his short hair, he cursed again. How did the locals respond to accidents here? Especially when there was a death involved, even of a dog? Not something he wanted to find out, and not as a participant in this involuntary homicide.
With his hand on his mouth, he goggled at the dog that picked itself up and hobbled across to the other side of the road, before disappearing in between two rows of sugarcane. What the hell? What was it with this strange island? Couldn’t anything be predictable on it?

The muffled opening click of a car door broke the silence, and Trent stepped back to glare at the person getting out, more like slithering out, of the SUV.

A slim pair of legs emerged and wobbled for a second after the sandal-clad feet hit the asphalt.
When the door closed, he glimpsed a short denim dress hugging a tiny frame. Straight black hair brushed the shoulders and the lapels of the collar, and framed a lovely, delicate face. He had to blink a few times. The woman, or the girl, could pass for a life-sized doll. She stood no taller than five feet, so small he could probably encircle her waist with his hands. Her eyes were deep-set and dark, rimmed with black kohl. Her golden skin struck him as somewhat pale underneath her makeup, and she bit her full, pale lips, as if trying to work some colour into them. “Thank God the dog is alive,” she said in a light, youthful voice. “I sure would’ve hated to have killed it. Lucky there isn’t any damage.”

Her voice reminded him of laughter, and the tinkling of fragile crystal flutes. Shaking off the bizarre notion, a slow throb built in his blood. The overwhelming feeling settled as a twitch in his cheek, and he winced when a stab of pain shot from his clenched jaw. No damage? What about his car? “Miss, you demolished my car.”

Nothing betrayed her cool composure when she checked out his car before staring at him again. “Sorry, but you hit from behind. You’re at fault.”
He’d started to think that the delicate motion with her frail shoulder could topple her over, so much she seemed fragile. But the concern sputtered into outrage once her words registered. The cheek of the girl.

She’d stopped dead in the middle of the road. How the heck could it be his fault? “If it weren’t for you, none of this would’ve happened,” he snapped in a low growl. She pursed her full lips, and jutted her pointed chin out in a fierce way as she settled her hands on her hips. Craning her slender neck to peer into his face, she stood her ground. “Well, I should’ve killed the dog? This is what you wanted?”

“No, but—”

“And you wouldn’t have jammed into my car if you hadn’t been tailgating me.”

“I wasn’t tailgating you—”

“Yes, you were.” She poked a finger into his chest. “And you were speeding, at least a hundred where the limit is sixty.”

Could this girl be for real? “Miss, you were going faster than me, so don’t get on your high horse here.”

She poked him again. “Stop evading the issue. It’s your fault.”

Disbelief strangled his throat. She glared back, not in the least bit intimidated by the fact he towered above her by more than a foot. At the same time, he flinched under her accusing words. Kill the dog. Right. Like he’d have wanted to kill a poor animal. What was it about this scrap of a girl that had him so ruffled? A thought struck him. “Are you old enough to drive?”

“I’m twenty-four years old, for your information,” she said, spitting the words out at him.

So she could be held responsible for the accident. “My car is damaged, and it’s your fault.”

Blimey. They sounded like little children during kindergarten recess in the schoolyard. He should drop this matter, deal with her like the adult he prided himself to be. If she’d let him, though. Her dark eyes grew even darker as they narrowed on him. Fire, or ice, burnt in them. Her voice dripped with frost when she next spoke.

“I thought British men were supposed to be courteous.”

“I beg your pardon?” She’d done it again, struck him speechless. Unbelievable.

She fluttered her hand before her in an evasive gesture as she shook her head. “You know, proper British manners. Can’t say you’ve shown any so far.” How could she sound so righteous, as if she were the injured party?

“How do you know I’m British? Does it read not-from-Mauritius somewhere on my face?”

“Your accent,” she said. “You speak just like Hugh Grant.”

Hugh Grant? That pasty-faced pin-up?

Even better. Not. “Thanks. It’s a very positive compliment.”

Trent had the pleasure of seeing his sarcasm unsettle the unnerving Miss Know-it-all. Her chest rose and fell in rapid succession as she glowered at him. “You’re so….” She paused and seemed to search around for the proper word. “…obnoxious.”

And she was a brat. Nothing more.

Her barb hit home, though. He’d been called many things in his life, but this one was a first. And coming from a tiny lady like her, he didn’t know whether to laugh or be annoyed. He couldn’t remember the last time, if ever, he’d had such a verbal joust with someone. Loath as he was to admit, but tangling with her tickled him as stimulating as the encounter unnerved him. Blimey, he had no time to dwell upon that. He was getting late. And he itched to shut the little spoilt princess up.

“My, incredible,” he said. “A pretty head as yours came up with such a big word. I sure hope you won’t get a nosebleed from too much brain activi—” Yes, he’d been callous, but the sight before him horrified him more. He stood there, his jaw slackening as his mouth fell open.

“What?” she asked.

He pointed at her face. “Your nose. It’s bleeding.”

If you like what you've seen, check out the trailer with this link:

To purchase this book please use the links below

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Amazon UK

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Quiet Sunday

Sweet Sunday morning. Hope everyone is having a good day and taking time to look around and see the goodness in all the Great Architect of the Universe has put before us. I've got my cup of tea. The cat is sitting in the computer chair and I'm in the hard back chair from the kitchen table. Yep, all is right with the world. Let me sit here with my notebook and look out at the cows, the pines, and listen to the quiet. Yes, Welcome Sunday, too soon you'll be gone, replaced by that day which shall not be mentioned.