Sunday, October 30, 2011

Walls of Jericho

Jericho Rivers spent five years trying to forget Charlotte Murray and it's all for nothing. When an elusive stallion emerges, she must ask for help. One look and he remembers all too well. Passions flair and a bitter betrayal is exposed. When the walls of Jericho tumble, can lovers unite?

Coming in early 2012 to Passions in Print

WALLS OF JERICHO by Tessa Berkley

"I have never been any more sure in my life. We have wasted five years all because my father has some outdated notion of what is good enough for his little girl." She stepped into his arms and with her fingers traced every rise and fall of his face. "I have never loved anyone more than you, Jericho Rivers. I want you." She rose on her toes and kissed the edges of his mouth. "I need you. Today, by the lake should have proved that."

This time, she brought her lips to the corners of his mouth. Her passionate kisses moved his arms to take hold of her body and pull her close. "Charlotte," he breathed her name against her lips and they crushed together.

They kissed their way back to the blankets and Jericho eased her down. The light from the fire danced upon her face, teasing her eyes and sending shimmers of gold waves coursing through her hair. "This afternoon, I wanted so to see you once more in all your glory."

"Make love to me, Jericho. Let the walls between us fall away," she whispered sliding her hands beneath his shirt to touch his skin.

Look for the release date and cover soon...

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