Saturday, December 17, 2011


The writer was snuggled all stuck in her bed,
While visions of plot twists danced in her head.
Her hero ranted, "Let me save the girl..."
While the villain's hands poised above his mustache and gave it a twirl.

Her computer lay sleeping,
The key board at rest,
In hopes that the morning she'd again do her best.

Her brow how it wrinkled.
Her lips, deeply pursed...
She worried her work would fare the worst.
Now wrapped in the slumber,
Ignoring it all, she prayed to the literary gods "Please don't let me fall."

While her brain lay asleep, through the airwaves it flew,
to the desk of an editor, an agent, or two,

They clicked on the file,
Their computer whirled and lights blinked.
No virus or Trojan at all had been linked.

They scanned her submission, and read the first hook,
The next thing they noticed, they really liked this book.
Away to the company email, their fingers flew like a flash, and before you could breathe deep - recommended it fast.

Then typed up the letter, we all hoped to find,
Counting to ten, sent it back up the line.

As dawns early fingers lifted her lids,
Our author awoke reliving her fears.
She stumbled to the computer, turned it on, and gave pause,
For she knew that within her email came the no thanks, just because.

Her eyes focused on the list,
Then she held her breath - should she open it or better yet, delete with the rest?

A cup of coffee to sustain her,
And courage renewed, she pulled on her big girl panties and knew just what to do.
She clinked on the link.
Her jaw dropped in surprise and she gave a squeal that was heard far and wide.

"They want it!"
"They love it!"
"My stories a hit!"
"God, let read it again to make sure it's legit!"

Once the excitement was over,
and her mind could then think,
She accepted and printed it, then sent a copy back by the link.

Now, she sits by the phone, waiting for that one call,
So they can talk and discuss the story bad points and all.
So our author is now been granted her wish,
If you want the same, get busy quick.

Merry Christmas to all writers out there. May your wishes for a great manuscript come though.

Love Tessa


  1. Thanks, Markee, for coming by. I hope poets world wide will forgive me.

    Have a very merry holiday.