Monday, January 2, 2012

It's here! It's finally here!

I am honored and excited to present to you, the cover of my upcoming release with Passion in Print. A novella entitled Walls Of Jericho and its set to release this month.

Excerpt from Walls of Jericho
by Tessa Berkley

"What happened or did not happen between us--” she paused. “Jericho, I couldn’t live knowing my actions cost you your happiness.”
They were so close. He could feel an unstrung rope swirl about them, binding their souls together. Her breath came in gulps and he could see the rise of her full breasts against her cotton shirt, which served as a barrier to his hands. He wanted her. No, he told himself and stiffened his resolve, choosing to focus instead on the long five years of simmering anger. “Nice words. Tell me, did you learn them in Chicago or New York?”
Her eyes widened, but he knew she was no innocent.
“You did not cover your tracks well, Charlotte.” He couldn’t help himself. He stepped closer. The faint scent of rosewater lifted from her body. Does she still carry that handkerchief dipped in that perfume between her luscious mounds? “Do you think the local papers would not have jumped on the reports of Michael Murray’s daughter dancing with the Governor’s son?” He leaned closer. Her color rose high in her cheeks. “What gowns you wore. Your latest conquests, all the way to the east coast.”
“It... It wasn’t like that,” she began to protest.
Jericho wasn’t in the mood. His blood stirred and overruled the cool of his head. His arms snaked about her middle and snatched her to his chest. His glance focused on her full lips. “Tell me,” he said, through gritted teeth. “Did they kiss like this?”
“Jericho, no.”
He silenced her with a crushing kiss. Her fingers flattened against his chest as if to push him away. He moved his mouth across hers as if she were some sugary confection he could not savor enough. Her fingers relaxed and sank deep into the muscles along his shoulders clutching him tighter. His plan to bring her to submission, make her remember all that they had been, all that they had lost, slipped away. The more his lips touched hers, the more he could not forget.
Stroking and suckling, he teased her lips apart. Her tongue curled to the roof of her mouth and he brushed across the tender tissue of the underside. She moaned in delight. He repeated the process and her fingers dug into his skin. Jericho kept the pressure on her mouth as his right hand slid over her hip.
Slowly, deliberately, he kissed across her cheek toward the heated throbbing in the vein below her ear. He suckled the gentle skin and heard the rush of her breath past his ear. His fingers drew up the leg of her split skirt while his mouth drove any thoughts of resistance from her mind. He brushed his hand across the skin of her thigh.


  1. Hot excerpt, Tessa! And congrats on your impending release.

  2. thanks Jenna, I appreciate you stopping by.