Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday's Musings...

Monday, the day we catch up from the weekend spent with family and find out what our friends have been up to. This weekend I've had a release of my short story for Passion In Print.

Here is a small sampling....

He didn’t want to lie any more. He thought about the things
Clint said to him earlier in the day. He swallowed and took the
first step. “I had no choice, Charlotte. It was leave you or die.”
He took a deep breath and pulled his mug closer.

“I don’t understand,” she began. “Your letter. My father.
Everyone talking about the woman you left with?”

“You weren’t supposed to understand, Charlotte. Your
father wanted it dead and over. The girl was from the laundry.
She needed a ride, like me, out of town, all arranged by your
father and Perry.”

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