Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Walls of Jericho is now live and for sale!!

What a wonderful thing to wake up to this morning - your book, your cover, your name on a publisher's site.. Very heady..

The Walls of Jericho is a short sensual romance that has been labeled as Spicy by the editors of Passion in Print. So what does this mean? A spicy rating means the story will have a high level of sensuality, detailed love scenes, graphic description of anatomy and of sexual acts. IT IS NOT your mother's romance.

The Walls of Jericho is a bit more gritty, a bit more sensual. The heroine and hero have a past relationship, neither are new to the lovemaking scene. They are rekindling a relationship and are definitely soul mates. Neither has forgotten what they mean to each other or how well they know each others bodies.

Will they have a happy ending? Would I as the author tell you? Well, you know its a romance so happily ever after is a must, but I hope you'll take time and see how they get to their ending. Come meet Jericho Rivers and Charlotte Murray and take part in the adventure to capture the Phantom and find love.

Jericho Rivers survived the past five years by building walls around his heart. The reappearance of the grey stallion called the Phantom threatens his well-planned life.

Charlotte Murray dreams of owning the Phantom. Years ago, she and Jericho chased the horse along Shadow Valley finding love. When Jericho left, she had to get over his betrayal. Charlotte must ask the one man she can't forget for help and finds more than she bargained for - such as her father's scheme to keep them apart. Can love survive when the walls of Jericho come tumbling down?


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