Wednesday, March 7, 2012

When a Hero comes along

I don't know about most authors, but I do know that for me, crafting the hero is ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh so important, like the tag line says, fall in love with the touch of a brim. My hero's have to be er well shall we say someone to salivate for.

Seeing the visual imagine in my head and putting words to paper are often hard. I want the reader to be able to connect and bring some of their wanderlust into the mix. So how much do you do? A general description? A vague musing? Its a flip of the coin.

In my latest work in progress, I'm dealing with an older man. Someone who is a bit more mature, has some battle scars, and is rather smooth with the ladies. When my heroine meets him, its in the middle of that "Dark and Stormy night". Impressions are what I went for and slowly built his picture. By the time, you are well into the book your are able to see this man. In my mind, he's six foot four, sandy blonde hair blue eyes, broad shouldered a bit narrow at the hip. But ladies he's all man. I've yet to really find a picture or an actor that fits him. So I've used parts of other actors that fit the build for me. Who can you imagine with just these descriptions? Alan Jackson ( country music singer) John Wayne? Tom Selleck? Sam Elliott? I'd love to know.

Looking out into wall of the raindrops, she squinted and managed to make out the shape of a rider moving toward her. Lily held her breath. The rider’s body sat hunched in the saddle against the elements and his head down so low that the rain collecting on the hat poured in a stream onto his unlucky mount.

The intruder’s boot scraped against the floor. The sound jerked her gaze back to his face. In the yellowing lamplight, she could see the drawn lines against his cheek. A good day’s growth of beard ran along his jaw. He had the look of a cougar on the prowl.

The gaze of his grey-blue eyes pierced her soul. She took a step back. Her eyes wide with surprise. His glance held her spellbound for what seemed a lifetime, then let go.

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