Friday, April 13, 2012

Being A Writer

Being a writer or to clarify, a ROMANCE writer doesn't mean you sit around in a plush chair, using a feathered quill to create flowery prose. Being a romance writer like any other genre writer, means your day is spent trying to craft a story that will please agents, editors, readers, and yourself.

Being a writer means you sit and you push forward typing words for less than pennies a day in hopes that someone buys your effort and doesn't put it out on pirate sites where they get the money for your efforts and your family goes lacking.

Being a writer means you divide your time in house work mode, writing mode, wife mode, mother mode, daughter mode and if you do work, add that mode into the ring as well. Multi task is your middle name. You create calendars for your work. Schedule your time, your vacations, your family all around what new releases you have, what stories need to be tweeked, written, edited, or submitted.

You maybe the master of your own fate, but someone else is at the helm, your characters. Sleep becomes illusive because the characters that speak to us, don't run on regular time. If you know a writer, you know how much under eye cream and concealer they buy to hide those dark rings of success.

So why do writers - write? We choose to write because it is a verb. Writers must write just as teachers must teach. It is as inherent in our blood as exploring unknown parts of the universe is to others. We cannot let it go unaddressed. So why do writers write? The answer is so simple, because we love it. Tessa

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What should you expect from my books?

It's a great question. Any reader picking up a book from the rack at the local store, will flip the book over after looking at the cover, and read the blurb. The blurb will tell you what the story is about, but nothing of the writer behind the tale.

Because writers have different sets of experiences, even if given the same fundamental idea, they will come up with their own shake of events. It is that unique quality that gives each book and each writer their own voice.

If you were to pick up one of my stories, the first thing you might notice is that my tales will have a certain amount of action adventure, especially if they are historical. The action will serve as a point to move the romance forward. I grew up watching all the great westerns on T.V. Bonanza, The Virginian, The Big Valley to name a few. So, that sense of putting your characters in peril and bringing them to the point of no return is imbedded in my voice.

My stories will contain a rough-edged cowboy hero, a man that needs a good woman to stand beside him and soften his exterior, a drover who feels the need to protect the rancher's daughter above his own self preservation. My heroine will be a self assured woman, or a woman determined to take charge even if her methods of going about it places a rankle saddle blanket under ever male she runs in contact with. She can be a diamond in the rough, a bad girl with a heart of gold, a head strong rancher's daughter determined to prove that she is just as good as the son he never had. But as always, a soft look, a drawl hello, and the touch of a brim will bring romance.

Welcome to the world of Tessa Berkley...