Friday, April 13, 2012

Being A Writer

Being a writer or to clarify, a ROMANCE writer doesn't mean you sit around in a plush chair, using a feathered quill to create flowery prose. Being a romance writer like any other genre writer, means your day is spent trying to craft a story that will please agents, editors, readers, and yourself.

Being a writer means you sit and you push forward typing words for less than pennies a day in hopes that someone buys your effort and doesn't put it out on pirate sites where they get the money for your efforts and your family goes lacking.

Being a writer means you divide your time in house work mode, writing mode, wife mode, mother mode, daughter mode and if you do work, add that mode into the ring as well. Multi task is your middle name. You create calendars for your work. Schedule your time, your vacations, your family all around what new releases you have, what stories need to be tweeked, written, edited, or submitted.

You maybe the master of your own fate, but someone else is at the helm, your characters. Sleep becomes illusive because the characters that speak to us, don't run on regular time. If you know a writer, you know how much under eye cream and concealer they buy to hide those dark rings of success.

So why do writers - write? We choose to write because it is a verb. Writers must write just as teachers must teach. It is as inherent in our blood as exploring unknown parts of the universe is to others. We cannot let it go unaddressed. So why do writers write? The answer is so simple, because we love it. Tessa

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