Friday, June 15, 2012

Everyone loves a good villain

Where would we be if we didn't root for our heroes in white hats.. My villain in Tejas Conspiracy is called Yellow Jack Anderson. He's a half breed who would think nothing of killing a man in cold blood to take his wife especially if it means making money in the process.

excerpt from Tejas Conspiracy Incident at Cold Creek.

As the bartender reached the table, Yellow Jack raised two fingers. The bartender leaned forward and he mumbled some instructions, all the while, he watched Silas strain to hear the conversation. With his mug drained, Yellow Jack noted Silas wipe his lips with the back of his hand. Completing his conversation with the barkeep, he turned his attention back the two men before him.

“Make a wager, gentlemen?”

Silas squirmed. Both men dug deep into their pockets searching for a few coins. Dirk tossed two bits on the tabletop. The coins rolled toward the center and fell against the stacked cards. Silas offered four coins.

“Such generosity. Why I'm overwhelmed. Shall we say, she is the Widow Prentiss?”

No one contradicted him.

“Now, you first.” The gambler prompted Silas to reveal his card.

Silas picked up the card and revealed a ten of diamonds.

“How impressive,” Yellow Jack smirked. “Dirk?”

Dirk’s card fluttered as he exposed it to light.

“Ah, a five of hearts. Oh, my, it seems your luck with cards is running out.” Yellow Jack replied. His false expression of sadness was lost on no one.

Dirk’s face paled beneath a thin layer of sweat. He hissed low so no one would hear. “We didn’t touch her, boss.”

Yellow Jack leaned forward. In a flash, the derringer was in his hand, the barrel shoved into the opening of Dirk’s right nostril. “You keep saying that. Yet, my dear fellow, I know how much you love to plow.”

Dirk’s eyes widened. His hands pressed against the table, his fingers spread wide as he tried to back away.

“Now, I am going to give you an order and you are going to follow it. Understand me?”

Yellow Jack watched Dirk nod as best he could. His eyes narrowed to the point of his nose and focused on the firearm.

“Silas, I want you and your friend here, to go to Balscome. I want you to go to the Lacy Garter and find me Wyatt Hayes. I have a matter that needs to be erased. I think Mrs. Prentiss' new hand might not be staying. I’m in need of his services is all you have to say. Am I understood?”

“Y-yes sir,” Silas stammered.

“Good,” Yellow Jack snapped. “I want you to see Rusty. Have him put you on the payroll down there.” He gave a quick glance to the barkeeper. “Ethan will give you fifty. Have it hold you till pay day.”

“Yes sir,” Silas whispered.

Yellow Jack sat back and removed the gun from Dirk’s face. Producing a handkerchief, he wiped the barrel. “You can have that drink now, Dirk. I think you need it.”

He watched as Dirk sat up, running his hand beneath his nose, then quickly snatched up the shot glass, and downed the liquor.

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