Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday's Fiendish Villain.

OH what evil webs we weave. Shakespeare put it so well. The villain in Incident at Cold Creek Tejas Conspiracy is at it again. Let's look in and see what he's hatching.

From Incident at Cold Creek ~~~

Yellow Jack ran his hands along the edge of the desk then rubbed his index finger against his thumb feeling the dust. He let the pause linger a minute or two before he spoke. “Are you telling me how to run my business, Hank? Do you think that’s wise?”
Silence filled the room. With a deliberate slow lift of his head. the gambler settled his dark glare on Hank. Under the strain, the sheriff licked his lips to wipe away the perspiration that gathered.
“I don’t like this,” Baxter swore. “If anyone begins to question, McGowan will give up names so quickly it’ll make your head spin.”
“That’s why you are going to talk to him.”
“The hell I am,” the sheriff shot back.
Yellow Jack’s mouth took on a firm thin line. His eyes bore into Baxter’s. The sheriff shifted uncomfortably in the chair. “Oh yes, I believe you are.” Yellow Jack’s tone was definite.
“You’re going to talk to him, remind him how his wife and child might feel if something happened and he turned up missing. How would they pay for the mortgage on that house?” He watched the sheriff’s tongue run across his lips.
Baxter glanced back at the cells in the rear of the building. “Look. It was easy to fake Prentiss’ death,” he began.
Yellow Jack raised one eyebrow, but said nothing.
“It was easy to fake a bad card game, but you can’t go around killing everyone, especially women and children,” Baxter pleaded. “People will get suspicious, even in this town.”

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