Saturday, June 16, 2012

Incident at Cold Creek is LIVE

Texas Ranger, Tyrone Dixon is sworn by honor and the star on his chest to get his man. But, when his lead turns up dead, he resorts to distorting the truth to a beautiful woman to catch who is behind a land grab scheme.

A twist of fate finds Lily Prentiss a widow. Now, her future hangs on her ability to turn her ranch around. Can she trust the mysterious cowboy who has promised to help?

With a cut of the cards, both can lose their lives or is this just another Incident in Cold Creek that won't be explained?

Read an excerpt here

Tyrone Calhoun Dixon watched the woman melt to the floor in a pool of skirts. She was the kind of woman he hadn’t expected to meet in Frank’s house, a dainty, feisty woman. A woman who’d lost her husband and would need his protection. A woman he didn’t need.

It wasn’t his intention for the stock to hit her. The gun slipped when she teetered and he took control. Breathing heavy, he waited for her eyes to open and prayed she was only stunned.

When they didn’t, he muttered a stream of curses that would make a barmaid blush. With a shake of his head, he placed the gun down next to the body on the table and gave it no more than a passing glance. That little matter he’d take up later.

He knelt down and touched the side of her wrist. Under his fingers, the softness of her skin seemed like a guilty pleasure. Ty felt relief wash over him as he detected the slow rhythmic thump beneath his touch. This would be yet another complication in an already endless maze of questions the Major would ask. It was not his style to leave something undone.

Slipping his arms underneath her, he pulled her motionless body to him, and with three quick footsteps, placed her on the only bed in the back room. Stepping back, he looked down upon her unconscious form and cursed his luck, along with the star that brought him there.

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