Monday, June 11, 2012

The New Cover is here!

Texas Ranger on the trail of a killer is drawn to a beautiful widow determined to hold on to her ranch, finds themselves in the center of an elaborate land grab scheme that endangers their lives.

excerpt :

Lily Prentiss had pressing matters to deal with, such as the body that lay on her kitchen table. Her hands picked up the cloth to complete her task. She tried to come to grips with the fact Frank Prentiss lay dead, and, at twenty-seven years of age, she had become a widow. She closed her eyes and sighed. Lifting the lifeless arm, she swiped the rag along the cold white skin and continued the last wifely duty she would perform for her
Gently, she placed the arm down and paused to brush the damp tendrils from her face. She expelled the clinched breath and let her mind drift to the people in Cold Creek. What would they think? She’d waited for this chance. The chance to begin again and crawl out from under her husband’s tyrannical
She listened as the rain beat hard against the windows, punctuated by the brilliance of the lightning that illuminated the room. Thunder shook the tiny clapboard house adding to the macabre setting. The splendor of the show seemed lost upon her. Perhaps, it was God’s way of chastising her thoughts. Lily looked up. “Where where you on those long nights when I needed you to save me,” she bitterly accused heaven. Pushing
away her rancorous thoughts, she plunged the rag into the water, wrung out the dirt and blood from the cloth.

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