Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday snippet

This month launches a historical western novel from Passion In Print. Its the beginning of a series called Tejas Conspiracy. The story pits The Texas Rangers against a dramatic land scheme but things are not always as they seem. Here's the blurb...

Texas Ranger, Tyrone Dixon is sworn by honor and the star on his chest to get his man. But, when his lead turns up dead, he resorts to distorting the truth to a beautiful woman to catch who is behind a land grab scheme. A twist of fate finds Lily Prentiss a widow. Now, her future hangs on her ability to turn her ranch around. Can she trust the mysterious cowboy who has promised to help? With a cut of the cards, both can lose their lives or is this just another Incident in Cold Creek that won't be explained?

read a small excerpt here...

“You'll find some boards back of the barn that might help." She took a deep breath. "Mr. Dixon, let’s get something straight. I will not be a dalliance for any married man.”

Ty blinked. “Excuse me?”

“I’m being quite clear. What happened here yesterday won’t happen again," she replied. "You are a married man and I expect you to keep your distance.”


He watched Lily’s face grimace.

“Your letter of reference,” she began again. “Signed by your wife.”

“My wife?” he stammered as Lily pulled it from her pocket. He watched dumbfounded as she stepping over and reached for his hand. Ty allowed Lily to pull his arm toward her and stared in disbelief as she slapped the letter into his palm.

“Your letter of reference, signed by one Mrs. Elizabeth Dixon.”

Ty’s mouth drew into a line. He shifted his gaze from the letter, now clutched in his fingers, to her grim expression. Now, it all fit.

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