Monday, July 30, 2012

What would you do?

We've all heard of sibling rivalry. But what would it be like if your father pitted you against your half brother? What if this went on all you life? Can you imagine being the heir or worse, being the spare?

A good writer friend, Aliyah Burke and I explored these topics in two short summer books for Passion In Print due to be released in August. Aliyah's book Something Tangible tells Brett Kingston's side of the story, while in Unexpected Consequences, I tell about Asa Kingston the golden child.

The premise is this, that in order to assume the head of Midas Development, Asa and his brother Brett are given assignments by their father, Jules. Yes, the worlds biggest manipulator and he makes no effort to hide this at all.
The two boys are sent to different coast to acquire land that "papa" wants to develop. The challenge is, who ever gets the deal done the quickest wins the company.

These two stories are nice short reads, perfect to take to the beach on your ereader of to enjoy while sitting beside the pool. Another awesome reason to check out these two tales is the contest Ms. Burke and I are running. Go to our websites, read the excerpts, answer the questions, and follow the directions to enter. You'll be put in a drawing to receive a PDF form of Something Tangible and Unexpected Consequences along with a $20.00 gift card from either Barnes and Nobel or Amazon.

So check out our story blurbs and the contest at :

Aliyah Burke's contest page:
My contest page -

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