Saturday, August 4, 2012

Saturday Spotlight. Come and meet Lynn Cahoon

Who is Lynn Cahoon? She's a romance slash mystery writer who sets her stories in small town America. We all know the place, the kind that you want to build your home in and raise that family. A place where people can love you unconditionally no matter your flaws. Lynn does it perfectly. An active member of MORWA and RWA. She has recently signed with Crimson Romance and released her book The Bull Rider's Brother. She has signed a contract for the second book in her Bull Rider Series entitled: The Bull Riders Manager to be published by Crimson in November 2012. All of which is amazing considering, Lynn has accomplished all this while battling breast cancer.

When asked about that she says, "I'm a five year breast cancer survivor ( and just walked in the Komen Race for the Cure in June 2012). I'm married to my own hero who shaved his shoulder length hair when I love mine during chemo." Now, to me that's true love. So without further ado, here is a up and coming write, Lynn Cahoon.

Excerpt from The Bull Rider's Brother out now in ebook form from Crimson Romance –

“I‘ll be there in a minute.” James knelt down next to the kid. He had a new straw hat. Staring at the sheep, James picked up a piece of straw and put it in his mouth like a toothpick.

The kid watched James and mirrored his actions. He, too, picked up a piece of straw and started chewing.

James grinned. “You riding tonight?”


“First time?”

“Yep. Gramps bought me a new hat. He says I‘m big enough.”

“I rode at your age.” James laid his arms on the rails of the pen.

“You did?” The boy cast a glance downward and away, kicking the dirt with his toe before he asked, “Were you scared?”

“Heck, yeah. I worried I‘d fall. Then I was scared I‘d make a fool of myself and bawl my eyes out.” James peered at the barn toward where his brother stood talking to group of men. “I didn‘t want my brother to tease me.”

“My mom doesn‘t know. Gramps said it was our secret.” The kid bent his head towards one of the men talking to Jesse. “Do you think it‘s okay to have a secret from your mom?”

“As long as it‘s a good secret. Is she coming to the rodeo? Will she be here to watch you?”

“Yep. Gramps says she‘ll shit a brick when she sees me.” The boy grinned.

“She probably will.” James laughed and held out his hand. “I‘m James.”

“I‘m JR.” The boy shook his hand, stood up from his crouch and headed toward the men near Jesse. Turning around, he called, “Are you going to the parade?”

“Wouldn‘t miss it.”

“I‘ll see you then. They throw lots of candy and you even get an ice cream cone at the end.” He waved and took off at a run. When he reached the crowd around Jesse, he grabbed an older man by the knees.

Now that’s love

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  1. great excerpt, Lynn! Wishing you the absolute best with this (and future!) books!!

  2. Thanks Kristi - I read on a #RWA12 tweet that it takes 10-12 books before you can even consider going full time.

    I'm hoping to sell #4 this year...Not that I'm counting or anything. LOL

  3. Great advice, Lynn. Keep writing keep submitting. It's the name of the game.

  4. Very nice interview, Tessa and Lynn! Lynn, my sister is also a five year survivor of breast cancer and a full time schoolteacher - and you are both my heroines. Congrats on your upcoming November release!

  5. Loved the excerpt! Sharing on FB!

  6. Tessa - I'm working on a revise/resubmit project that's been kicking my butt, but I'm not the type (anymore-HA) to just give in.

  7. Deborah, I don't know if your sister feels like this, but for years I refused to let the BC define me. Now, I realize, even in my stanch refusal, it's become part of me and the way I see the world.

    Good thoughts to your sister.

  8. Kay - You're the best. I think I've told you this once or twice.