Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wednesday's Romantic Snippet

Her brow furrowed with curiosity as his features took on their own tortured look. The pinch of his brow, the sag of his mouth, the wounded look in his eyes as if she had shot his horse. Hope rose in her breast. “Ty, is there something you want to tell me?”
          He stood and walked toward the window. Her heart skipped a beat. Turning, she placed the cup on the nightstand, then rose, pulling the sheet behind her and wrapping the cotton cloth around her naked form. As she moved, the cotton let out a sad sigh as it pulled along the wood. Lily made a knot of the excess material around her small breasts and stepped behind him.
Her body pressed against his back, Lily slid her arms beneath his and encircled his chest. She closed her eyes and rubbed her cheek against the roughness of his red bib yoked button shirt.
          “Yes, Lily, I got something to tell you. Something I-” his words seem to choke.
          Her hand opened and pressed against his chest. She held him close, praying that her body could melt into his and they’d become one. Her lips pressed against Ty’s back. Her hands moved up toward his shoulders. Beneath the folded back edge of the bib on the left side, Lily’s hands ran into a point of metal.
          Her fingers stopped. A sudden rush of terror poured into her belly and swirled. She lifted two fingers, then three, and touched a cold star-shaped marker. A cold hand wrapped around her heart and crushed the small bit that was left. When she remembered to breathe, the gasp rushed in with a shutter.
Ty’s hand clasped over hers and held her fingers against his chest. Lily could feel the tense tightening of his muscles. With his hand against hers, he slowly turned to face her. Lily couldn’t look at him. The thought of the pain searing across her features would reveal too much of her feelings.
          “Lily,” his voice grew husky.
          “No,” she whispered. Her hands sought the flap and pulled the bib away.
There, on his chest, a silver metal star cut from the circle of metal proclaimed the horrid truth. Lily took her finger and traced the letters, Texas Ranger.

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