Monday, December 3, 2012

Welcome December

Tis the season of party and laughter, but there is something wonderful about the solitude of nature. December finds our year coming to a close and with that the days growing shorter. As I stand on my deck and look back over the pasture, I marvel and the shaft of sunlight sending rays of gold through the pines illuminating the hard killing frost that layers the ground.

The grass will be gone from this point forward. We'll have to haul hay and break the ice in the water troughs for the cattle. Hard sometimes routines, but it will give us moments away from the computer to reflect. In the silence of nature so much is being said. If you listen closely, you can hear the tweet of song birds, the honk of geese flying over, and the song of the wind as it moans through the forest, lamenting its short stay before the heat of summer returns.

Do not fret the dwindling hours of daylight or the lack of warmth, because we are about to be reborn in a new year full of promises. So in these last days of 2012, make a list of all the things you accomplished. Look back at them and know you did well. Raise a cup to those who took their last full measure on this earth and speak their names so they will never be forgotten. Drink to your health and those around you. Embrace the child with in. Live, Love, and enjoy because the holidays are for all of us beast, human, nature - a reminder that life goes on.

Happy Holidays,

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