Saturday, January 19, 2013

Saturday afternoon Matinee

When I was little, my parents talked of going to the movies on Saturday afternoon. There, they'd watch newsreels, current events, see a cartoon and then the feature film. Ladies wore hats and gloves, which they were reminded to remove so the people behind them could see the picture. Men wore coats and ties. Their hats rested on their knee while the slipped their arm around their honey and watched. Simpler times.

On Saturday's, I'm going to be offering you a sample of stories that are available for purchase or stories that are coming out soon. I hope you'll stop by to see what's new in Tessa's world and get a peek at what might be on the blog this week.

Out now - Tejas Conspiracy Incident at Cold Creek

Lily watched the men draw into the yard. A lump rose in her throat. She recognized the two as the men who brought Frank’s body back. Her hurt and anger returned. Wiping her hands on her trousers, she moved to the edge of the porch and waited for them to stop before she spoke.

“Gentleman,” she called out.

“Afternoon, Mrs. Prentiss,” Silas nodded. “We come by to see if there was anything we could do?”

Lily gave them an icy glance. “I’d say you’ve done enough.”

The coldness of her tone made the cowboy who spoke shift nervously in the saddle. A creak of leather drew her gaze to the other cowboy. The look he gave her made Lily’s skin crawl. She rubbed her right hand up her left arm for warmth. It was the first time all day she regretted not having her skirts or corsets.

Out of the corner of her eye, she caught Dirk as he shifted his body to dismount.

“Crawl right back up there on that horse, mister.” Lily’s voice rang out with authority that surprised even her.

“Now, Mrs. Prentiss, where’s that southern hospitality you Virginia ladies is known for?” Dirk’s mouth widened to a leer.

Lilly stepped back.

“Dirk,” Silas warned, throwing his right hand out to stop his companion, but he was too late.

“Those pants sure do fit you nice, ma’am.” Dirk’s eyes focused on her legs. “I like the way they come up and cup your-”

“Lily, any problems?” The voice came from behind her.

She heard the hinges creak as Ty came on to the porch. Relief washed over her, yet, she still felt the terror of being under Dirk’s scrutiny.

“Some men from town,” Lily explained, yet she didn’t take her eyes off them. Ty’s boot steps came nearer. “These are the men who brought Mr. Prentiss home.”

Dirk moved toward his mount’s head. “Yeah, terrible thing that.”

Ty’s arm caught her peripheral vision. She gave a quick glance. His eyes jerked toward the doorway. He was telling her to step back. Lily did. He crossed in front of her, placing his body as a shield.

“You ain’t from around here, are you?” Silas asked.

Lily could see the muscle in Ty’s jaw twitch. “That’s none of your business,” he replied.

Dirk took a step forward. Lily raised her hand to grab Ty’s arm, but before she could reach out to him, his right hand cleared the holster, gun drawn. Her eyes widened.

“I believe the lady said, don’t dismount.”

Dirk stopped, his eyes large as he stared at the barrel gun.

"You’re mighty quick with that shootin’ iron.”

Ty leveled him a dark glare and Dirk grew silent.

“Take your hands away from your sides,” Lily heard him speak to Silas. “I find it mighty interesting that you would call on her now, and not when she needed help with the burial. That’s right, raise them high.”

This historical western romance is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and all romance ebooks. Copy the links and add to your browser to go to the sites. I hope you'll enjoy reading about Ty and Lily's adventures and their not so smooth path to true love.



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