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Come meet Kim Hornsby, author

Everyone at some point in their life takes that necessary detour. Read how Kim Hornsby takes this turn of phrase and creates a romantic suspense that keeps you on the edge of your seat. By the way, one lucky commenter will win a copy of Kim's novel, The Dream Jumper's Promise set in Maui.

What’s the book you’re promoting today and how did you come to write it?

Necessary Detour is my latest release, a romantic suspense that I wrote as my second novel. You know, the one that gets thrown under the bed while you go on to write the publishable third novel? Turned out it was highly publishable with a little help from Wild Rose press editor Ally Robertson, who doubles as author Alicia Dean. I wrote it after my first novel got rejected 50 times by various agents and everyone told me to move on, write another one. So I tried my hand at what I thought was a good romantic suspense with a high concept—Goldilocks’ story. The idea came to me while at our cottage in Canada, so I set the book in northern Washington with a twinkling lake, loons calling and the smell of Douglas firs in the air. I liked the idea of a rocked-out performer getting her joy in nature.

What experience do you have writing this type of novel (Write what you know and all that)

Well, it’s about a rock star who escapes to her lakehouse to avoid the press after she announces her retirement but can’t stop spying on the strange family who’ve moved in across the bay. For the singing part...I was a singer from age 17 to 45. My first gig was with a big band while I was a senior in high school. Performing on weekends effectively kept me off the streets and without a big social life. Then I fronted a rock band called Thigh High in Toronto (where I’m from) and after that I managed to sustain a singing career (radio jingles, concerts, theatre) over the next two decades. Writing a world- famous rock star took some imagination but I was enough of a celebrity at one time in my life to have a stalker and get stopped at the grocery store for autographs. Now I’m known by my kids’ reputations.

Did you have to do research and if so, what did you learn?

I’m an avid fan of music and follow celebrities, like many people, and have always been fascinated with the dichotomy between living the celebrity lifestyle and trying to have a normal life. That said, I researched specific parts of this book by reading articles written by Pink, Pat Benatar, Madonna (of whom I used to do an impersonation) and also interviewed a homicide police officer, a CIA agent and an ER doctor. No research was necessary to write the pug mix, Elvis Pugley seeing I have my own doggies.

How did you come to publish with The Wild Rose Press?

Actually I believe it was Elvis Pugley who got me the attention needed to have Ally Robertson at WRP, read the full. She is a huge fan of Elvis Presley and I’m pretty sure the dog’s name got her interested initially. Then, she says, my writing style and subject matter drew her in to fall in love with the book. And now I’m a big fan of Alicia Dean’s!
Before connecting with Ally, I read online that an editor of an upstart Indie Press was looking for a fairytale romance and this novel was originally called Goldy and the Bayers, based loosely on Goldilocks. I sent it off to her and while I was at it, I fired off a query to The Wild Rose Press. By the time the first editor finished the full, I was signed at WRP and working on edits. That’s how fast they work over there. I was delighted with Ally and couldn’t imagine giving my book to anyone else.

Since Necessary Detour came out quietly in December, how does this compare with a full-on noisy release of your other self pub?

Ha ha. I didn’t even know Necessary Detour was out there for two weeks so it was quiet. It was supposed to be released in April and I got an email from WRP saying they’d decided to release to the KDP Select program as an experiment to generate more interest in the book and it would be available on Amazon by the end of the month. I thought they made a mistake and meant January so when I finally contacted them it had been live for two weeks. I felt like I’d had a baby and hadn’t even seen it yet. So I ran to the nursery and checked on the baby, held it, sent out birth announcements etc. The funny thing was that I’d just released my debut novel early December and I was still reeling from the birth of that one. In some ways it feels like I had twins and didn’t know it. One child I have total control over and the other one is in the hands of amazing adoptive parents who give me full visiting rights. Necessary Detour isn’t officially releasing in the Garden at WRP until April, so the ‘birth’ just feels different. It’s awesome having two out at the same time and I’ve been told by readers they go from one to the other and then want a third!

What similarities do you have with the protagonist of this story, Goldy, and what blatant differences?

Well, I know what it feels like to sing, to have an enviable singing voice, but I never gave up everything to make a success of it. And I’m sure I was never as talented as Goldy! Or as pretty! I feel her pain thinking she isn’t the best mom in the world. I try my very best but I am a full time working mother, like Goldy, even if I don’t travel for my work. And that comes with some guilt. My kids are 10 and 16 now and I’m sure they’ll remember that Mom spent a lot of time at her computer and Dad is the better cook. I try to write when they’re at school but I also have a full time job at Macy’s so I feel guilty about that too. I hug my kids a lot, like Goldy.

Do you dream about your characters while writing a novel or afterwards, or not at all?

Yes! I am a big dreamer. Huge. And I remember my dreams in the morning. While I’m in the writing stage, I dream often about the characters and sometimes I even become the protagonist, which is fun. Or a version of the protag. Once I dreamed that Goldy was in love with that Sawyer guy from LOST and that gave me the idea to use their photos for my Pinterest board on Necessary Detour. Goldy became Fergie and Pete became Sawyer.

If you could order anything at a restaurant and not gain an ounce, what would it be?

Ha! Nachos with guacamole, sour cream, loads of cheese, black beans, and Mexican rice on the side. For dessert I would want a large piece of chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream. Oh, and two margaritas with the nachos!

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Kim Hornsby
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You only journey if you dare to leave home
The Dream Jumper’s Promise
Necessary Detour

Necessary Detour – Romantic Suspense, available on Amazon Kindle


  1. The book sounds terrific--and I'll join you for that dinner!

  2. It was very nice getting to know you, Kim. Best wishes.
    -R.T. Wolfe

    1. Thanks Wolfey! (Can I call you that?)


  3. You sound like so much fun! And I'm right there with you on the surprise release :) I was a mama for 24 hours without knowing, ha! Although, I did read the messages that Lisa sent out and had some idea, just not for sure the exact date. I almost peed my pants when I opened up Amazon and seen it there. ha!

    I can't wait to read this book. I'm sort of obsessed with the idea of being a rockstar and so is 90% of America. Wishing you many sales on this baby :)

    1. I know, right! Well I really wanted to show it like it is because it looks so much more glamorous than it actually is. Some of my scenes of what the tour is like backstage were taken out but I may offer them later.
      Good luck on your 'baby' too, Niecey! Is it free now?

  4. Wish I could say I remember my dreams but it's a rare occurrence. I never had any aspirations to become a rock star - my singing is somewhat lusty, but lacking! Good luck with the book/s. :-)

    1. Thanks Nancy! See you in a few hours over on your Blog!

  5. What great experiences you've had! Necessary Detours sounds great - I just downloaded it and look forward to reading. Love rock star stories - I've got some friends in the business and it makes for such funs reads. Best wishes for lots of sales!

    1. Thanks for the download Melissa! I hope you enjoy it. Right now I'm #10 for Kindle Free Suspense but no idea where I am in Romantic Suspense.
      I'm happy to be anywhere seeing I was 138,000 last night!

  6. And Thanks Tessa for answering the call and having me at your blog. I really appreciate the camaraderie of the Author community! It's been fun being here at Tessa Berkley!

  7. Great interview, Kim! I envy your ability to sing. I always wanted to be a back-up singer...not the headliner, just the backup. I sang second soprano in choir for a bunch of years but panicked if I had to sing even a single note by myself. :-) Can't wait to read your story!