Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Meet Trace Castillo, U.S. Marshal

Trace Castillo, quiet set in his ways. He's bound and determined to keep justice on the Texas frontier. Part Mexican, part American, he has his feet firmly planted in the Texas soil. His father chose Texas over Mexico during the revolution causing a family rift that stands to this day. When his parents were massacred by Native Americans, he was hell bent on revenge, but the cool hand of wise Texas sheriff, Randall Weston, kept him from seeking vengeance.

Odd how things turn, while in Cobb's Crossing, Trace runs across an old reminder of his hot headed youth, a riffle with the scalp of his mother. It seems Mescalero's are being armed by unknown people hoping to disrupt the quiet life along the border. When a secret shipment of riffles are stolen, the evidence seems to lead to Daniel Thornton owner of Thornton's freight and the man killed on the raid. To make matters worse, Trace seems to have a yearning for Thornton's hot-headed sister, Mary Rose. All hopes of keeping this strictly business goes up in flames when their lips meet.

Grab a copy of Castillo's Fiery Texas Rose on Amazon to see if a U. S. Marshal's badge is any protection against a pair of eyes as blue as the summer's day and hair that resembles the fire surging in his veins.

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