Tuesday, February 26, 2013

On Writing...

Perhaps the biggest challenge most writers face is negativity. It comes in many factors, time restraints, nay-Sayers, and the worse self doubt.

In this world with the constant bombardment of media its hard not to get down on yourself for not putting out work immediately upon completion. Writing is not something that comes with an immediate in / out box. It does take time and requires several sets of fresh eyes or at least in my case.

When working on a manuscript, I've learned (painfully) that like a good wine, a manuscript needs to sit and cure. You need that step away in order to find mistakes and plot holes. Finish your manuscript, run the first spell check, then put it back in its folder and walk away for at least two weeks. I know its hard but do so. Fill your time with plotting or fleshing out other ideas. Then return to your previous work. You will be amazed at the insight the time away from your plot and characters will have provided for you.

Till next time, Tessa

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