Saturday, February 16, 2013

Saturday's Western Snippet

U.S. Marshall Trace Castillo has his hands full with a hot headed Irish lass, Mary Rose Thornton. But, there's something about her that fills his soul. Right or wrong, he's falling in love with her.

He yawned again and folded his arms behind his head. A soft breeze stirred the curtains as he thought about the woman he’d just left. The rich color of her eyes, the cream of her skin, stirred him in ways no other woman since Amelia had. His thoughts recalled the kiss and the lingering taste of honey still on his lips. She’d leaned into him, and the mere memory of the warmth of her body and fullness of her breasts sent shivers of pleasure down his spine. As the kiss ended, he’d felt her lips open, offering him an invitation to explore. Had he taken the chance, he not only would have plundered her mouth, but as sure as the sun would rise tomorrow he’d have completely satisfied them both. Thinking about those endless pleasures, his body grew hard. With a curse, he flipped himself over and closed his eyes. Yet he knew sleep would not come easy. Damn those copper curls.

Castillo's Fiery Texas Rose is my first novel with The Wild Rose Press. It is available now with Kindle Select.

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