Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Wednesday's Romantic Tap...

Wednesdays Romantic tap...

Don't you love it when you realize your hero/heroine are falling in love? Mary Rose Thornton knew when U. S. Marshall Trace Castillo put her under his protection.

She wasn’t a novice. Mary Rose knew what it was to be kissed. Yet his lips turned her insides to jelly. She shifted her bundle against her hip and rubbed her hand across her middle, hoping to calm her jittery nerves. Kissing that man was like playing with fire. At any time, the flames of desire could consume her.

Pushing away from the door, she moved down the hall. At the end of the stairs, she glanced to the bottom of the steps. He stood with his back to her. Something pulled at her gut; Mary Rose gazed with affection upon his dark head. She couldn’t deny it. This man, this U. S. Marshal, excited her. She wanted to be in those arms, her lips pressed to his. A shiver of delight raced down her backbone.

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