Sunday, September 15, 2013

Cowboy Up!

Cowboy up is the hardest thing Conway Cash can do. It goes against the grain of his core belief, that he is not cut out to be a father because his father left his mother. But as all readers of romance know, Conway is fighting a losing battle of wills when it comes to Isi Lopez and her twins, Javier and Miguel, who have given Conway their trust, hook, line, and 'stinker'.

If you loved Marin Thomas' first book in the Cash Brother's series, The Cowboy Next Door, you will adore Twins Under the Christmas Tree. This book is sheer delight from the opening when Ms. Thomas introduces hero and soon to be heroine, Isi with a wrong person cat fight that leads to poor Isi's broken nose and a whole lot of grief on Conway's behalf. With each misstep, our intrepid hero makes brings him ever closer to the goal he never thought he wanted - fatherhood.

As a reader, I adored Isi's attempt at 'dating' and trying to find the right one. She knows, as does the reader, that this struggling mother who works to put a roof over her children's heads, tries to finish college to find that better job, and keep her twins in check, has found the 'one' in Conway. The task is getting him to see the same.

I found myself rooting for her and wanting to shake Conway down to his spurs. The poor man does everything so wrong which makes him so loveable. He listens to the twins, "who help him" get the baby sitter fired by plying him with the wrong words in Spanish. Then set's Isi up with his own brother Will, who seems to be waltzing away this his gal right under his nose.

For me the most heart warming moment, comes when his own words come back to bite him in the seat of his cowboy jeans. I won't give it away, but it involves a pair of cowboy boots and the idea that if you believe in something hard enough, it will come true.

Well, I believed. Marin Thomas keeps the reader engaged and invested in this tale from start to finish. She is spectacular. I can't imagine how she will top this off in her next Cash Brother adventure, but you can be sure I'll be there for the ride. Cowboy Up!


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