Monday, September 23, 2013

Monday's observations

To write implicates action. I write. You write. He writes. She writes. They write. We write. Write is a verb. Therefore, writing can not be passive. If you claim to be a writer, you must write. You can not ignore pen, paper, or computer screen.

Set aside time in your busy day to put down in your desired medium - words. At times its not the amount, but the caliber of nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs that are linked together in a common thread. How much time? For me, its a two hour time slot at the minimum. In these two hours, I can produce any where from 850 to 1800 words. More over if done daily, these amounts can easily become 25,500 to nearly 40,000 words a month. Not bad?

One curious side affect is sure to result, the more you write, the greater your amount. Give this a try. If you must force yourself to write, even if its "I don't know what I'm going to say. This is a silly experiment." Let your thoughts flow. Write at the same time, every day. Your mind must conform to this habit. I bet you'll find that when you are doing your house work, your mind will be thinking, plotting, devising unique ways to get hero/heroine together or twist the mind of your villain. Remember: you think - therefore, you write.

Till next time,



  1. I think this is probably the number one thing a new writer needs to know. I was surprised to see how quickly the words add up, even when I have days that I hardly get anything written. I keep a calendar with the name of the story and the daily word count, and that helps me remain on track.

    1. I agree. I love putting my music on and getting lost in the words. In a blink of an eye I've made my word count for the day and th rest is just icing on the cake. Thanks so much for stopping by.