Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sneak Peak at an upcoming release Lord Heartless

In March, my publisher Decadent Publishing, will release my first Regency novel. I am happy to give my readers a sneak peak at Lord Heartless.

“A daughter.” Landon shook his head and stared at the dark, empty fireplace of his London home. He wanted to throttle Gilbert’s corpse. How could anyone gamble when they knew an innocent depended on them? Had Gilbert no priorities? Landon lifted his hand only to find his glass empty. Grumbling, he rose and made his way to the sideboard by memory. He reached for the glass container that held the whiskey.

Could it be Lord Gilbert knew my mother? They moved in the same circles. Who else would have told Gilbert he was unmarried? No, he mused, this type of meddling was better left to gossipmongers. They would have delighted in passing the information to his mother that since Gilbert’s death he had cut back at the clubs and attempted to clean up his reputation. A sigh pressed against his lips, but the mess already for naught. The source of his doom had been written in Gilbert’s own hand and delivered by solicitor to Black that very morning.

It made no difference. The Ton would never stand for him casting an innocent into the street. Despite his attempts at control, his hands shook as he poured another dram of whiskey into the glass. Cornered like a fox on a hunt. Their tongues would shred what little respectability he had left. A deep breath steadied his hand as he raised the glass high to the light. He gazed at the golden-brown liquid knowing it would not drown the memory, but it would make it easier to survive the night.

“One year from twenty. Even my mother could not have planned a trap better.” The sarcasm dripped from his lips. Four months. He had put it off long enough. Tomorrow, he would drive to Holly Grove and meet this Miss Gilbert. Then damn his soul, he would perjure it, and do the right thing in the eyes of the Ton. With a flick of his wrist, the liquid disappeared.

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