Thursday, July 23, 2015

Road to Glory

Rodeo is the place to find love. Whether its a couple in the stands or in competition. Join me with the release of Road to Glory on August 12, 2015. I will welcome Glory Beebee and Travis Hargrove to my pages. Here's a blurb of the story.

Glory Beebe intends to fulfill her deceased father’s dream of breeding bulls for the rodeo. When her foreman offers her ranch as a refuge for a rodeo rider broken in body and spirit, she must pull her own broken and betrayed heart together and do her best to accommodate a man who was a hero in her eyes. Once bitten twice shy, it won't be easy.

Still limping, and haunted by being trampled, champion bull rider, Travis Hargrove fears he's lost his courage, yet he's determined to win back his place in the competition. When the rodeo instead offers him the job of outside stock contractor, Travis hesitates. Being near a woman with spunk and the bluest eyes he’s ever seen is not what he needs. But it might be enough to get him back on the road to Glory.

A scarred hero. A man-shy heroine. Can the fulfillment of a dream save them both?

Road to Glory is now released for Pre Order on Amazon.

Use the link below and get your copy.

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