Friday, January 20, 2017

Re release of Incident At Cold Creek

I am thrilled today to be releasing my story Incident At Cold Creek, the first in a four book series about the Texas Rangers set in the fictional town of Whiskey Drum Creek.

The men of Ranger Company D consist of: Major Joshua Reynolds, Captain Tyrone Calhoun Dixon, Sergeant Joaquin Balboa De Montanna, and Private Lance Reese. These men are unwittingly pitted against a madman and with each tale, his madness will grow.  They must rely on their quick thinking and skill to stay alive.

So, you might wonder how I came up with these ideas. A student of history, I became intrigued with the Texas fight for Independence. In looking over Maximilian I take over of Mexico, I grasped several facts that could work for a historical, romantic suspense or a grand epic tale.

The first involves Napoleon III, who came up with the idea he called, "Grand Scheme of the Americas". You have to love a man who uses the word - scheme for plan. He began by recognizing the Confederate States of America. Well, we know that wasn't going to work out.

Second, he planned on reintroducing the monarchy to Mexico by placing a Habsburg German Prince on the throne. Enter  Ferdinand Maximilian Joseph, Prince Imperial, Archduke of Austria and Prince Royal of Hungary and Bohemia, He was the second son of Archduke Franz Karl of Austria and brother to the Emperor Fraz Joseph of Austria. Aren't you glad they reduced all that to Maximilian I?

Third, he planned to control Mexico and create a buffer state from the Rio Grande to the California Baja.

Imagine, involving most of Europe in a scheme to let America divide itself then slowly chip away at its border.

It didn't take much of a stretch of my imagination to come up with both my heroes and the mad French officer who refuses to put down the quest for power.

Here's the blurb for Incident At Cold Creek  Book 1 of the Texas Conspiracy.

Lilly Prentiss must come to grips with her husband’s untimely death and the harsh reality of his many secrets. When a handsome drifter rides in with the promise of helping out, she accepts his offer, even if she doesn’t believe he’s telling the truth. A cut of the cards with a gambler who holds the deed to her ranch seals her fate. She has no choice but to play the hand she’s been dealt, even if it costs her life. 

Texas Ranger Tyrone Dixon is on the trail of the prime suspect in the killing of a judge. When the trail leads to a rundown ranch in Cold Creek, he finds the man’s wife bathing his body for burial. As Ty pitches in to help get her ranch running again, he finds his badge can’t shield his heart when it comes to the Incident at Cold Creek.

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